Teen shot by police after female bank teller mistakes his penis for a pistol

A stubborn erection in public almost caused the life of a 17-year-old teenager; Jamal Freeman lies in an artificially induced comatic state after being beaten and shot by the police because of he had an erection at the banking hall which was mistaken for a concealed pistol.

Jamal had a full erection while queuing at Detroit Liberty Bank, and 83 year old Bank teller Sandy Heinrich noticed it. The octogenarian pushed the alert button when she saw Jamal’s erection thinking that the teen was concealing a weapon in his pants.

“He reached for something in his pants, I thought it was a gun” Sandy Heinrich was quoted by World News Daily Report.

Two security guards followed by some six police officers pounced on Jamal and beat him silly immediately the granny sounded the alarm.

The poor teen fled the scene but police shot him twelve times. He survived the gunshots but he is now lying in critical condition at the Detroit Medical Center.

Jamal Freeman
His mother, Jennabelle Freeman, says her son is a victim of racist discrimination and that all this would not have happened if he had been white.

“Of course black people have larger penises, it ain’t no freakin’ reason to shoot at them. Jamal has always had a very, very large penis, even when he was just a kid, his dad had even nicknamed him the Big Black Boa. Never would I have thought he would get harmed in any way because of this,” Jamal’s mother told reporters in tears.


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