Wenger might not be at Arsenal next season – Wright

Former Arsenal forward, Ian Wright believes that the end might be near for Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger after the Frenchman saw his side crash out of the Champions League on Wednesday night.

Arsenal seemed too inferior to Barcelona for much of the two legs during their round of 16 Champions League tie, losing 5-1 on aggregate following 3-1 defeat at Camp Nou.

The loss confirmed Arsenal’s departure from a second competition in a week, having been shoved aside from the FA Cup by Watford last weekend.

Wright believes that sooner or later something has to happen in the club, particularly if Arsenal fail to win the Premier League in a season where every other big team have faltered.

He told BT Sport, “I’m not sure if he still will be there after the summer – if they don’t win the league.”

“If they finish third or fourth again, I don’t know what will happen.

“Especially with how it is with Leicester and Tottenham above them and with Arsenal out of the Champions League and the FA Cup.

“The natives have turned now; more people want him out than want him in.”

But Wright noted that Wenger should not take all the blame.

“All I will say is change is coming, something’s got to happen,” he said.

“[Stan] Kroenke is the one they should be putting more emphasis. Not just the boss.”


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