Senator Shehu Sani backs Buhari on Nigeria’s membership of Saudi-led anti terrorism coalition

The Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Shehu Sani, has expressed his support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to involve Nigeria in the Saudi Arabia-led coalition against terrorism.

The senator said in a statement on Tuesday, that the coalition was a commendable step towards confronting and combating the menace of terror globally.

“ISIL is the source and inspiration for terror groups worldwide and there is no alternative better than the Saudi initiative,” Mr. Sani said.

“The Saudi initiative provides opportunity for non aligned nations and nations bedeviled by terror and violent insurgency to tackle the scourge from its roots.”

He said Nigerians should not attach any religious meaning to the initiative as terrorism poses a common threat and danger to global peace and to people of all religious affiliation.

“Nigeria’s presence in the coalition is in the best national interest of Nigeria as Nigeria is also a victim of activities terror groups with possible affiliations to ISIL,” he said.

“A collective danger can only be addressed by a collective action. No nation of the world can individually contain or combat terror without an alliance in the pursuit of its total eradication.”

Mr. Sani further said the fight against armed terror groups should not be the exclusive responsibility of global powers.

“From Somalia to Yemen to Iraq to Afghanistan and beyond, terrorism represents a common threat to world peace and stability; it is a moral and political duty for nations of the world to act in unison of words and action to save humanity,” he said.


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